Hooded Tweed Cardi (#wip pt. 1/4)

I have this problem with falling in love with a stitch pattern and then using it for everything. In attempt to break out and continue to expand my skillset, I’m trying out a completely new project. New stitch pattern; New article of clothing; New construction method. I am designing my own hooded cardigan, and if the pattern comes out well, I may put it up for sale on Ravelry.

I’m also trying out a new category of blog posts– #wip (work in progress). Rather than posting the final product in one post, I figured I would post updates as I go along. This makes more sense to me for larger projects, that I may start today and not finish until next year! By the end of the project there will be approximately 4 posts that I will group for you to find easily (either through the #wip category in the sidebar or I will make a tab at the top specifically for these posts).

This is #wip Project #1: part 1 of 4.


The Cast On

The body of this cardigan is one piece constructed as vertical columns from the base to the hood. My cast on length ended up being 610 stitches in my chosen yarn (*sobs*).


The Stitch Pattern

I am using the horizontal herringbone stitch to create the tweed look which I think will look great for the concept I have in mind based on the color scheme and hooded shape. This is a new stitch for me and it does require a little bit more concentration, however after awhile it becomes a good brainless-knitting stitch–my favorite! I will add that I have already accidentally dropped a stitch many-a-times and had to backtrack entire rows to fix it (all 610 stitches *sobs again*). After all that frustration, I spent one evening testing with scrap yarn and figured out how to pick up the dropped stitch without having to unravel the piece! If this is something that interests you, comment below or shoot me a message from the contact tab and I will share a post about it. I really think there aren’t enough people doing tutorials on picking up dropped stitches on a variety of stitch patterns apart from the stockinette stitch. Perhaps if I have the time I may start a video series on this…but that’s another task for another time!

That’s all for now. Keep a lookout for part 2 where you’ll get to hear about my struggle with inset pockets and where exactly to create the sleeve holes.

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