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Hi there! This is me– I’m Joey. I am 24, but an old soul at heart. I started crafting to unwind from the daily grind, but it has become a major refuge for me to escape to. By day I work with children, and by night I Netflix and knit.

My strengths lie in knitting, though I have dabbled in all sorts of projects, and I love everything DIY.

Writing and sharing knitting patterns has become one of my greatest passions in 2018, and I expect 2019 to bring many new designs! I also gain a great sense of joy from making for others and working with people to bring their vision to life.

In 2014, I learned how to knit socks and started my own charity project called The Sidewalk Sock Project, which raised funds to produce hand-knitted socks for the homeless in the Vancouver area. I received such overwhelming support for this project, it has grown into an ongoing, more encompassing charity, Winter’s Weather Knits Gives Back.

Winter’s Weather Knits

The name “Winter’s Weather Knits” comes from a song by my favourite band, As It Is. Although knitting and pop punk don’t exactly go together like pb&j, these are the two passions that ignite a spark in my life (pp&k?). The song itself speaks to the feeling of being inadequate, something I struggle with myself. It relays this sense of reaching out for support, but feeling guilty for having very little to give in return. When I discovered knitting, I found support in being part of a community, while having something positive to offer the world. Although the song refers to the metaphorical warmth of being accepted, it pulls through in a literal sense when it comes to knitting!

I hope that sharing my experience brightens your day or helps you find warmth in doing what you love.