Meeting of the Crafts

Each member of my immediate family has some kind of crafty talent. Dad’s a graphic designer and product photographer, big sis is a wedding and portrait photographer/videographer, and momma, well, she’s a potter!

She has been doing pottery for about 7 years now, growing her repertoire and experimenting with designs and techniques, much like myself. Her current theme is imprinting. She has some store-bought floral doilies that she rolls into her clay to create patterns that she then glazes over. She and I began collaborating  on projects using each of our talents. I learned how to crochet and join motifs that she could use.

The end result was awesome! She has managed to take the swatches I made for her and use them to design clay pots, teapots, and cups. It’s cool to see how the two of us can produce something together that neither of us would do on our own.

I have been teaching her to crochet designs herself (since I have so many other projects I’d like pursue) so soon I will become obsolete to her (haha) but it’s nice to know that there will be a few pieces out there that have a little touch from the both of us.

As a little side note, it’s funny how at one point she was the one who taught me to crochet many moons ago, but now she’s given that up and needs me to teach her. Makes me wonder if some day in the future I will give up knitting and crochet and move on to something new!

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