Spring’s got me choking, and not just from allergies!


As the weather starts to warm up and the sun starts to show up a little more, people are starting to strip their layers. While I’m still bundled in my knitted infinity scarves, I find myself looking around at people who might as well be in shorts and a tee on their way to the beach. It’s not actually that warm out yet, especially not during the early commute to work, but I am feeling a little silly in my outfit of choice.

It’s also that time of year where people are glad to be getting away from the snow and starting to long for the summer, which means summer projects! That means yarn will be more limited in stock and more expensive (fewer sales), and I’m going to have to be more creative in projects since the giant blanket I make now probably won’t get to be used for month. While scouring Pinterest for technique help on another project I’m working on, I happened to stumble upon a series of crochet necklaces. Some were a little extravagant, but for the most part I found myself strangely intrigued. Is this something I really would wear? Is this something only crazy yarn ladies would make? Wait a minute…I am a crazy yarn lady! It was perfect!


Even though I’ve got about 4 other projects on needles, I pushed them aside to learn how to do this. ((I mean, that’s what circular needles are for aren’t they? If you’re going to give me all this room to just slide my stitches onto, I am going to do just that!)) I settled on a simple pattern and got started. It took a little bit of testing, but eventually I got the pattern down. I made a few adaptations because I thought it was a little big and too showy for me, though I may get more adventurous after a few more (yes, there will be more).

I had butterflies the entire time I was making it…and blocking it…and putting it on. After that I stared at myself in the mirror and tugged and adjusted. While I’m still a little wary of the style, the overall feeling I have is excitement! I think I love it? I think it’s totally cute and classy? I feel feminine, and kind of…cool? As much as I embrace my inner granny in all the knitting and crochet that I do, it’s kind of awesome to do a project that’s just really hipster.

I posted the picture to instagram and facebook and the feedback was really positive. People who don’t always like all my posts liked the picture. Some even commented on it. ((I have to admit I am always flattered by the heart-eyes emoji…)) For a moment I felt really cool…and then I came here to document the project and wrote the title for this post. Cool factor instantly dropped back to where I normally am and should be. Heh. I still think I’m funny.

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