Donations to date: 380

“When you’re lucky, it is your job to give something back; and when you see something wrong, to stand up and say so.”

One of the things I value most is giving back to my community and raising awareness about issues rooted in our society. I believe it’s important to be grateful for what you are fortunate enough to have, and pay it forward by giving to those who may not be as well off. Winter’s Weather Knits Gives Back (WWKGB) is my little contribution to society.

It started off as an organization I called The Sidewalk Sock Project (TSSP). I knit and sold socks, then used the proceeds to make socks to give away. Through the years, TSSP began to donate other clothing items and products. This system worked well until my personal goals grew bigger, and my donation efforts along with it. With that, TSSP evolved into WWKGB!

WWKGB operates under the concept of “buy one, share one”. For every item you purchase, one item will be made and donated to someone in need.

**At the moment, we are so blessed to have way more funding than I alone can keep up with. For now, I am taking time to play catch up, and am no longer selling ready-made products. All items must be requested in advance and will be custom made, however items will still be gifted for each one of these purchases!